Stoned Epicureans: A Green Oasis in Arkansas

Stoned Epicureans, the first licensed urban farm in Arkansas, is making a significant impact on the community by providing fresh microgreens. Jennifer Blumthal, the visionary behind this venture, drew inspiration from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and embarked on a journey to establish Stone Epicurean.

Starting out in a spare room, Blumthal quickly realized that she needed more space for her growing enterprise. Thus, she relocated to the vibrant Bakery District in Fort Smith, where Stone Epicurean now operates. Their mission is to supply green, nutritious vegetables to carefully selected schools and restaurants throughout the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas regions. Currently, they serve a total of 13 different schools.

One of the highlights of Blumthal’s journey is the partnership with local schools. She strongly believes in the importance of educating students about the origins of their food. By fostering connections with the community, Stone Epicurean aims to raise food awareness and create a sense of responsibility towards sustainable eating habits.

Blumthal’s ultimate vision is for Stone Epicurean to expand to such a scale that it can make a meaningful contribution in alleviating hunger within the community. She aspires to reach a point where no one in the area goes hungry due to the fresh and nutritious produce cultivated by her farm.

Stoned Epicureans represents an oasis of fresh, locally grown microgreens in Arkansas. Jennifer Blumthal’s determination to provide for her family has evolved into a mission to educate, nourish, and combat food insecurity. With a commitment to food awareness and community engagement, Stone Epicurean is paving the way for a greener and healthier future in Arkansas.

Stoned Epicureans: Stoned Epicureans is the first licensed urban farm in Arkansas that provides fresh microgreens to the community.

Jennifer Blumthal: Jennifer Blumthal is the founder of Stone Epicurean and the driving force behind the farm’s mission. She was inspired by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to establish the farm.

Microgreens: Microgreens are young, tender, edible greens that are harvested just after their first leaves have developed. They are known for their high nutritional value and intense flavors.

The Bakery District: The Bakery District is a vibrant area in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Stone Epicurean is currently located.

River Valley and Northwest Arkansas regions: These regions in Arkansas are the areas where Stone Epicurean currently supplies its fresh vegetables to carefully selected schools and restaurants.

Food Awareness: Stone Epicurean aims to raise awareness about the origins of food and foster a sense of responsibility towards sustainable eating habits.

Food Insecurity: Stone Epicurean is committed to combating food insecurity by providing fresh and nutritious produce to the community.

Stone Epicurean website: For more information about Stone Epicurean and their mission, you can visit their official website.

The Link Between Food Insecurity and Health: This link provides information about the connection between food insecurity and health, highlighting the importance of addressing this issue.

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